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Welcome to Prime Watch House Wholesale and Premium Corporate gifting solution, your premier destination for high-quality wrist watches at wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking to expand your retail business or searching for the perfect corporate gifts, we have a wide selection of watches to meet your needs.


At Prime Watch House, we understand the importance of offering stylish and reliable timepieces to your customers. That’s why we carefully curate our collection to include a variety of brands, styles, and price points, ensuring that you can find the perfect watches to suit your clientele. From elegant dress watches to sporty chronographs, we have something for every taste and occasion.

Our wholesale program is designed to support businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large retail chain, we offer competitive pricing and flexible ordering options to help you maximize your profits. By purchasing directly from us, you can take advantage of our bulk discounts and enjoy substantial savings on each watch you buy. Our dedicated wholesale team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, assisting you throughout the ordering process and ensuring that you receive the products you need in a timely manner.

By choosing Wrist Watches Wholesale for your corporate gifting needs, you can expect superior quality, attention to detail, and professionalism. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a seamless gifting experience. With our extensive range of styles and customization options, you can create a bespoke gift that reflects your company’s values and leaves a lasting impression on recipients.

At Wrist Watches Wholesale, we are committed to providing exceptional products and service. Our goal is to help your business thrive by offering high-quality watches at competitive prices, backed by our reliable support. Whether you’re looking to expand your retail inventory or impress your clients with premium corporate gifts, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

We have created a business model where our clients can receive the best possible prices. As an addition to our competitive pricing, we also provide progressive B2B discounts. Discounts are applied based on the order value. We take into consideration a single order value and/or the monthly turnover.

Below you will find our designer watches wholesale discounts:

  • Orders above £1 500 receive a 20% discount.
  • Orders above £3 200 receive a 25% discount.
  • Orders above £6 500 receive a 30% discount.
  • Clients who order above £14 000 need to contact us.

                                  High-Quality Watches

When purchasing wholesale designer watches, quality is one of the most important aspects. Here, at you will find only top quality items.

Fashion designer brand watches are long-lasting because of the first-rate materials used during production.

In most cases, a brand name watch is built using Swiss or Japanese watch movements, but the timepiece itself can be assembled in Asia.

Watch cases mostly are made of stainless steel, but also metal, copper and different alloys.

Watch bands and bracelets most often are made of stainless steel in form of links or mesh. Straps are made of genuine leather, nylon (NATO), silicone or rubber.

Watches can be powered by different types of movements

  • Quartz movements – battery-powered, the most precise time-keepers, low-maintenance;
  • Mechanical movements – must be wounded every once in a while, by hand. It is preferred often because it requires more advanced skill and precision to produces due to the complicated clockwork construction.
  • Automatic movements – similar in many ways to mechanical watches. They run on the kinetic energy generated by the natural movement of your arm. This movement is typically not quite as accurate as the quartz movements because it often has to be in motion for it to have enough power. To avoid time shift it must be kept in the watch winder box. Find out if you need a watch winder.

Higher quality materials and movements ensure the durability and sturdiness of the timepiece. It also makes it considerably pricier. Nevertheless, luxury watch brands undoubtedly have more polished finishes.

       Reliable Wholesale Designer Watches Platform

At, we always think in advance. This platform holds top-selling designer watches wholesale stock that is always up to date. We keep track of the most successful watch models so we can meet demand and satisfy our clients.

There is no minimum order quantity per model, however, the minimum order value is $500.

To explore the current catalogue, please create an account and visit our wholesale shop page.

At the end of the day, we offer the best deals for wholesale designer watches globally. All distributed watches come with the original packaging, authenticity tags, user manual and warranty booklets.

We enjoy helping our partners who strive to grow their success together with us. Every once in a while, we offer stock clearance deals at bargain prices. To never miss an update or a promotion deal, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

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